Iota Refit | Monday, February 18, 2008

I spent the morning removing the masking tape, paper, and plastic from the deck areas.  The nonskid areas remained to be done, and I'd get to that soon.  But before getting to that, I wanted to finish up the hull painting.





The deck paint had had sufficient time to cure, so I could run tape along the edge of the hull-deck joint, and afterwards I covered the decks with plastic to protect them from overspray when I painted the hull. 

I decided to remove the masking tape I'd applied at the top of the boot top at the beginning of the priming process so that I could double-check the line before committing to the hull paint.  Plus, the tape had been well-covered with primer layers and I thought retaping it would ensure a cleaner removal after applying the hull paint.  The line looked good, so I retaped it with silver masking tape and applied new paper beneath to cover the gap between the tape and the plastic below.

I finished up with the usual pre-paint preparations:  staging, shop cleaning/washdown, and an initial solvent wash for the hull.



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