Iota Refit | Friday, February 8, 2008

Today, I vacuumed and cleaned the deck so that I might apply a final, pinhole-filling coat of Alexseal fairing filler.  The high-build primer had highlighted a few areas requiring additional spot-filling, as expected.

Afterwards, I cleaned up the bulk of the sanding dust in the shop to make things easier later on.  With a bit more sanding ahead once the fairing compound was cured, I didn't spend too much time on overall cleaning now, but I had to do a first pass, which would make the next, more thorough cleaning quicker and easier.

With that, all I could do was bide my time till the fairing compound cured.  One more sanding, a thorough cleaning, and some other preparation stood in the way of the finish primer coats for early next week.



One of the other jobs involved with this larger project is the replacement of the forward hatch.  The owner chose a Bomar 139 BM cast aluminum hatch (22-3/8" x 22-3/8"), which I obtained today.  Earlier, I'd cut the opening in the deck in preparation, but I wanted the hatch on hand so that I could determine exactly the outside dimensions so that I could mock up the eventual hatch frame and ensure that I taped and painted an appropriately-sized border around the hatch location, since I couldn't have the actual frame and hatch installed before painting.

With the hatch on hand, I traced its outline on a piece of cardboard, and then created a new line 1" outside of this, which represented the outer edge of the mahogany hatch surround I'd build later.  With a template of the overall size of the surround, I could be sure to properly lay out the nonskid/smooth pattern when the time came next week.



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