Iota Refit | Monday, February 4, 2008

Today, I sprayed three coats of Alexseal 302 Super-Build primer on the deck areas.  Before beginning, I did a final solvent wipe-down of the deck areas to remove residual dust and any other contaminants.  Then I measured and mixed the primer as required and got ready to spray.

Because I couldn't reach all deck areas from the staging, I had to spray the deck in two stages.  First, from the sidedecks, I sprayed the center portion of the coach roof, and the entire cockpit well.  I applied three coats, waiting about an hour between each coat, or until the paint was barely tacky. 

Once I had the hard-to-reach areas sprayed, I once again wiped down the port sidedeck (where I had walked or kneeled in order to spray the coachroof and cockpit), and then began the first coat on the remaining deck areas.  As before, I sprayed three coats over a period of a few hours; each coat required 30 minutes or so to apply, with an hour or a little more between each coat.

I had hoped that I'd be able to spray the primer on the hull as well, but it was simply too late to begin, and entirely impracticable, with an hour's work ahead to move staging, remove tape, and clean the hull just to get ready to begin the 4-5 hour process of hull spraying.  I was glad I'd masked off the top of the hull to allow for this eventuality.  As much as I'd wanted to have all the primer on in one day, spraying the hull tomorrow wouldn't put me behind schedule, since the primer really requires a full day between application and sanding.  Therefore, I wouldn't have been able to work tomorrow anyway, so by spraying the hull on Tuesday, I'd still be able to sand the deck areas on Wednesday, and then the hull on Thursday.






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