Hattie Mae | Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over the past couple weeks, an hour here or an hour there, I wrapped up the companionway work.  With the boat inside, I installed the wooden rails and metal companionway hatch slides, and finally the sliding hatch itself.  At some point after that, and needing the shop space for something else, I moved the boat back outdoors for storage. 

Then, I turned to the swashboards.  They needed widening to fit the opening, as I mentioned months ago, since for whatever reason the companionway trim, when reinstalled, ended up wider than the boards themselves.  I cut the ends of the existing boards and glued on extensions to both sides for an even appearance, then sanded everything smooth once the glue (epoxy) dried.  After test-fitting and fine-tuning, I prepared the boards for stain (to match the existing deck trim) and several coats of varnish.


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