Equinox Project | Sunday, November 2, 2008

Equinox arrived from Massachusetts at about 0715 in the morning, and we temporarily parked her outdoors for some preliminary unloading (spars, etc.) and to allow me to make room in the shop, as I had to shuffle another boat over in order to fit both side-by-side in the "dormant" bay of the shop.


Later, after moving one boat, I was able to squeeze Equinox in on her trailer.  For the moment, this was just to keep her out of the weather, as I had to finish up an ongoing job before I could get going on the Contessa project.  I looked forward to getting going in a couple weeks or so.

Finally, I moved the mast to a safe storage location and stored some additional gear indoors on the boat's trailer for the moment, till I could get a chance to place it in the storage room.


Total Time on This Job Today:  2  hours

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