Equinox Project | Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After another coat of varnish on the mast beam, I cleaned up the oil drip pan assembly from yesterday's epoxy, test-fit the completed unit, and drilled and tapped for four screws to hold it in position once complete.  Then, removed it again to the bench, where I applied a coat of paint and set it aside to dry.

After consulting my list and seeing what I could work on, I test-fit a portable head that I had on hand, but discovered that its deck-mounting system wouldn't work in the space available, so I determined a suitable model that would work and consulted the owner.  Afterwards, I installed the genoa sheet winches and cleats on the cockpit coamings, along with several un-notable other tasks.


I assembled the GPS antenna, which I now had on hand, and installed it on a new rail-mount clamp on the stern rail.  For the moment, I left the cable hanging, but I would soon run that through a waterproof deck clam and up to the navigation area. 

With the engine installation pending, I removed the old engine hatch gasket from the cockpit sole and installed a new one.

Armed with some recently-arrived parts and equipment, I installed two 100A fuses in the pair of fuse blocks in the battery system, and then installed their protective plastic covers.  I also took care of several minor wiring-related jobs, including installing some chafe gear on a couple of the battery cables where needed, and securing the positive and ground cables that would run to the engine itself later.


We chose a Rule Gold 2000 GPH bilge pump with traditional float switch, and with the equipment now on hand, I spent some time fashioning a plate to which to secure the pump and switch, which could then be lowered into and retrieved from the bilge as needed.  I built the plate from 1/4" fiberglass plate, and epoxied a bit of 1-1/2" angle to the aft end, which, when cured, would provide the basis for a vertical lifting stick.  More on this later.

Total Time on This Job Today:  7.25 hours

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