Equinox Project | Monday, December 22, 2008

It turned out to be a pretty useless day aboard, between a late start after cleaning up from the latest big snowstorm and dealing with other distractions.  Tomorrow is another day--and a good thing, too.

I removed the clamps from the fiberglass supports I'd epoxied in last Friday, and then test-fit the cabin sole in place.  The after supports conflicted a bit with the laminate beneath the molded access hatch recess at the aft end, so I made a few modifications to these supports to allow the sole to fit properly.  I also cut a piece of fiberglass angle to install athwartships about midway along the length of the opening for additional support, which I'd install the next time I had epoxy work underway.

At the forward end, I cut away some of the support material around the new hatch opening in the sole, to allow clearance for the fiberglass support cleats that I intended to secure to the sole for the hatch.  Because of an unanticipated painting project in the next bay, I refrained at this time from cutting and installing the cleats beneath the sole as I had hoped to do, and left this for tomorrow.

Total Time on This Job Today:  1.5 hours

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