1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Friday, October 31, 2008

I finished up the final pre-primer preparations this morning.  In a nod towards easier and more effective access for spraying the cockpit areas, I masked off the nonskid portions of the cockpit sole and port cockpit seats to give me places to stand during the operation.  While I planned to cover the entire deck with finish primer, I didn't really need to put any on the areas to be covered later with nonskid paint, so covering these few areas with tape and paper wouldn't affect the final product.

This meant that I'd be able to stand in the cockpit well and spray the insides of the well, the seats, and the coamings more easily than during the high-build stage earlier in the week, when I was reduced to perching on the seats only.

I solvent-washed the entire deck once more, this time with the Alexseal wipe-down solvent and clean rags.  Then, I  laid a strip of paper on the port side deck to give me a safe place to walk while I sprayed the coachroof and environs without tracking shoe dirt onto the deck.  As before, I'd remove this paper and clean the area once the three coats of finish primer were complete on the coachroof.

I laid out and prepared the breathing air hose and spray gun hose, taping them together as usual, and collected the primer, plastic mixing pots, and assorted items required for Monday's spraying. 


Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  3  hours

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