1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I began the day behind the sander.  I sanded all the filled areas on the hull and deck from Monday and the new fiberglass patches in the cockpit, then cleaned up.  Afterwards, I applied a second coat of epoxy filler to the areas in question.





On the back sides of the cockpit patches that I could reach--the two at the aft end, and the inside of the AC electrical receptacle cutout on the starboard side--I applied a single layer of 1708 cloth  to add additional strength and tie the surface patches better into the surrounding material.

I cut and installed two layers of biaxial material over the newly-cored compass cutouts in the cockpit bulkhead.

To address the "handholds" at the top edge of the transom, I cut pieces of Corecell foam to fit the openings, and secured them in place with epoxy adhesive.  Then, I applied a layer of fiberglass over the top, covering--and slightly overlapping--the areas I'd earlier beveled out for this purpose.


Several of the deck locker lids--the two cockpit lockers and the anchor well--had been damaged over the years, with the core releasing from the skins and causing flexing, softness, and overall weakness.  Late in the day, I began the repair process on these hatches.  From the underside of the hatch, I cut off the bottom skin using a grinder with a cutoff wheel installed, and then removed the old foam core from within, scraping the area clean and removing the core from beneath the remaining edges of the bottom skin. 

I left the beveled portions of the old bottom skin in place to give me an area to which to secure new fiberglass later, since I didn't want the new material to overlap down onto the flat bearing surfaces of the hatch, as this would affect how the hatches closed (or didn't close) in their openings.

I ordered new 5/8" foam core material to replace the old.


Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  6.5  hours

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