1975 Dufour 27 Refit | Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Because of the lack of gelcoat on the bottom of the boat, we made the decision to apply barrier coat before repainting.  Normally I do not believe in barrier coats, but in this instance and given the circumstances, it seemed a prudent choice.

I selected the Interlux 2000/2001E epoxy barrier coat system.  After taping the waterline and cleaning the bottom, I applied the first of several coats with a roller.  The system calls for 10 mil DFT (dry film thickness), normally accomplished in about 4 coats.  The instructions indicated specific recoating timeframes, most notably the requirement to apply bottom paint over the final coat of the epoxy barrier coat within a very short time; otherwise, the final barrier coat would require sanding and a fresh coat applied.  Since the owner happened to be heading up later in the day for a visit and to inspect the new paint, I got in touch with him and persuaded him to pick up a gallon of antifouling paint of his choice, since I hadn't originally planned on applying the bottom paint till I read the barrier coat's instructions, and therefore didn't have the product on hand.

Later in the day, once the first coat had cured to the level as indicated by the instructions, I applied a second coat, same as the first.  I planned to apply two additional coats tomorrow.


In between coats of the epoxy system, I worked on the deck hardware, cleaning off old sealant and organizing new and re-usable fasteners with their respective hardware pieces for ease of installation later.

Later in the day, after the owner's visit, I applied the second coat of nonskid paint to the decks and hatches.


As expected, today's UPS shipment included the white vinyl tape I'd ordered for the covestripe, and once that arrived I wasted no time installing it.  I wrapped up the day's work with more of the hardware preparation and ordering some last-minute fasteners for the rubrail and other items.



Total Billable Time on This Job Today:  8.25 hours

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