Circe | Saturday, March 20, 2010

It was time to complete the wiring to the electrical panel.   In earlier stages, I'd completed the other portions of the wiring, inasmuch was possible without the panel in place.  Now, it was a matter of making the final connections.

The final connections included the main panel feeds, positive and negative (2AWG), plus jumpers between the two sides of the panel, since the two stacks of breakers aren't otherwise connected.  I also made up the connections for the battery voltmeter (two wires which I'd run previously, and now needed final connection along with 1A fuses and holders); ammeter wiring (small wires leading from the shunt that was included with the panel; and several inter-panel wires required for the backlighting system and gauges.

Finally, I connected the leads for the cabin lights (direct from the cabin light buss inside the locker), two circuits of 12V outlets (again leading from their respective distribution busses in the locker), and the line from the auxiliary running lights panel to the main running lights circuit breaker.  This completed all the existing circuits; there'd be more later as the navigation and electronics installations were completed.


After cleaning up from the wiring work, I sanded and revarnished the cabin sole.


Finally, I applied another coat of white paint to the lazarette hatch surround.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  3.75 hours

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