Circe | Tuesday, February 16, 2010

With only a half day available, I decided to work largely on woodwork this day.  Before beginning, however, I lightly sanded the newly-primed fiberglass hardware risers that I built yesterday, and then spray-applied several coats of Alexseal white topcoat to complete the pieces.

(Bad picture:  the individual pieces washed out in the brightness of the overspray.  Look for a better one later.)


There were 14 cabinet doors to build for the interior, so my first task was to begin cutting the rails and stiles to size and gluing up the door frames.  Earlier, I'd pre-cut frame stock to the correct width and roughly marked out the pieces.  Now, for each door, I cut the frame pieces to the appropriate sizes, allowing for an overlay, and set the 14 units aside as I completed them.

Once I had all the cutting completed, I started the gluing process.  I glued and clamped together as many frames as I could given my current short supply of clamps and set them aside to cure.  I used epoxy adhesive to glue the frames.

With a little time remaining, I began a few subassemblies for the fuel and raw water systems.  With most of the required parts now on hand, I made up a fuel shutoff valve assembly, and also secured 90 pipe fittings to the raw water strainer to prepare it for installation.  Finally, I made up a tee assembly to allow me to branch off the supply for the sink's salt water faucet. 


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4 hours

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