Aphelion Refit | June 12, 2007

After wrapping up several smaller projects around the yard, I began late today with some of the initial preparations for the work ahead on Aphelion.  As usual, my work began with protecting the areas of the boat on which I was not working at this time, and setting up staging around the hull so that I could work comfortably.

Since the current work scope includes only the hull, I covered the decks down to the base of the toerail with some inexpensive plastic to keep dust and debris out for the time being.  Because this plastic will become dusty and dirty during the paint removal process on the hull, I planned to replace it with clean and stronger material before beginning the painting later on.



With a clear scum line visible on the old bottom paint where the boat had rested in the water, I took the opportunity now to place some reference marks with green tape at the bow and stern, as well as amidships, for use later on when restriking new lines for the bottom paint and boottop.  The existing lines were somewhat off-kilter, and clearly needed to be completely revamped.  Since sanding would remove all traces of the old lines, the reference marks would come in handy when the time came for starting anew.

I also marked the base of the boottop at the stern, since I thought the bottom paint exposure in that area seemed about right for the entire hull and this would be a good reference to have later.


Total Time on This Job Today:  2 hours

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